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Season Tirreno Resort: 15 April to 15 October 2017


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Road cycling Costa Brava

Clock up an impressive number of kilometres as you cycle along the spectacular coastline and over the stunning Catalonian mountain passes. These ambitious racing groups are challenging for both hobby cyclists and ambitious sports enthusiasts alike.
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Mountain Biking Costa Brava

You can look forward to technically challenging terrain that continually opens up great views of the sea: race down well-maintained single tracks that weave through the cork forest right behind the hotel and conquer the hilly coastal sections on beautiful dirt roads. Fun guaranteed!
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Recreational Road Cycling Costa Brava

Take an easy-going ride with your road bike through the fascinating landscape of the Costa Brava with breaks in inviting restaurants. We adjust the routes and pace of the rides to the levels of the participants. On longer stages, the bikes are loaded on to the support vehicles for parts of the route.
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Recreational Mountain Biking Costa Brava

Enjoy an easy-going pace and easy routes without any pressure to perform. Camaraderie, information about the culture and the traditional bike tour with a return journey by boat are integral components of the recreational week. The easy-going group sets its own pace and stops whenever it likes, as it heads for the same destinations as the more ambitious bikers.
Use of electric mountain bike is possible.
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Running and trail-running Costa Brava

Spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the smell of rosemary in the air. Challenge your body in the demanding training region laced with hilly trails. With targeted training sessions (technique, speed), alternative training methods (strength training, stretching, aquafit, rope-skipping) and a balance between sports and relaxation, everyone from beginners to racers will get the most out of their bodies.
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Kids' Mountain Biking Costa Brava

Nothing like an early start: kids from age 8 have fun on four guided mountain biking tours and our biking course. We start each day at 10:00 am and return at about 2:00 pm. The crowning stage is punctuated by a popular ice-cream break.
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Hiking on the Costa Brava

Experience a week of the flora, fauna and culture of the Costa Brava. An ideal, moderate hiking climate awaits in spring and autumn.
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E-mountainbike holiday Costa Brava

What do you get if you combine a relaxed cycling trip with quality cuisine, culture and good company? One incredibly fun holiday!
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Triathlon etc. on the Costa Brava

Under professional guidance and in different level groups, you'll test and improve your physical performance. The efficient and demanding running, swimming, cycling and changeover training sessions promise great variety for elite and recreational athletes alike.
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Road cycling Sardinia

Ideal training terrain on the east coast of Sardinia: broad plains and steady ascents with a very low traffic road network present the ideal conditions for perfect weeks of cycling.

Mountain Biking Sardinia

The mountain biking area on the east coast of Sardinia is full of variety: numerous gravel and dirt trails, as well as countless single tracks in Biderrosa National Park. Five guided daily tours at different levels – for beginners to advanced riders (routes of varying lengths and technical difficulty).

Hiking in Sardinia

Hiking tours on the Gulf of Orosei and in the Sardinian hinterland with the vast reaches of Monte Albo providing a glimpse into the “unknown Sardinia”. Enjoy the unspoiled nature.

Inline Skating in Sardinia

Enjoy variety-filled tours along Sardinia's imposing Costa Smeralda. The week-long programme includes skating, cornering, braking and falling techniques, as well as double-push training. Endurance training, racing tactics and team skating become a fun experience. By covering some stretches in the bus, we shorten some of the stages.

Running in Sardinia with Anita Weyermann

Benefit from the experience of successful professionals. Winding trails through nature reserves, mountain trails and peaceful pine forests feature in the ideal training region around the bay of Orosei.
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Running in Sardinia with Viktor Röthlin

Benefit from the experience of successful professionals. Winding trails through nature reserves, mountain trails and peaceful pine forests feature in the ideal training region around the bay of Orosei.